Surekha sports presents a high-quality tennis court. Our manufacturer is FIH certified and also comprehensive supplier. Fulfilment of customer requirements such as top-level professionals to home match is our first priority. Great fixing procedure is another feature of Surekha which makes the court world-class. Although our engineering team regularly work to manufacture a top-rated playing exterior with a long lifespan. The safety and comfortability of the players is one of the great features of Surekha. The maintenance process is also world class. The customer care representatives always active and also ensures to provide remarkable service to their customers.

As our manufacturer is an FIH certified manufacturer and comprehensive solution supplier, our turf systems meet diversified requirements for different levels of applications including top-level professional games and competitions.

Design Concept

Our technical synthetic tennis product development has been focused on increasing the overall quality of safe and comfortable playing surfaces as well as increased durability.