Role of artificial grass in Cricket

Role of artificial grass in Cricket
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The use of cricket turf pitches is becoming more common at the club and sub-elite levels which constitute the majority of cricket participants. The popularity of synthetic grass in sports such as Tennis, Football, Hockey, and multi-sports, has created curiosity with artificial cricket pitches as well.

Artificial cricket turf is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. A non-turf pitch is more durable than natural grass so it can provide many more hours of play with excellent playing characteristics. Cricket pitch maintenance is very labor-intensive. Artificial grass still requires maintenance but it’s minimal in comparison. Natural grass has to be fertilized, mowed, rolled and leveled.

Artificial grass for cricket is the solution to increasing playing hours without compromising the quality of the field. Synthetic grass pitches can be played more often and for a longer time.

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Choosing synthetic grass for your cricket pitch offers many hours of play with no compromise on pitch quality. Artificial cricket pitch surfaces can withstand extreme weather conditions so they can be left uncovered all year round. The water drains through the surface, allowing all weather play. An artificial cricket pitch is equally suitable for clubs, schools, and local authorities, where the high costs of maintenance could be prohibitive. Schools can really benefit from cricket pitches made from the synthetic grass. The hard-wearing grass can withstand the heavy footfall of extensive summer use, and shock pads can be installed underneath to reduce dangerous ball bounce, reducing possible injuries. Plastic grass can also be used in practice areas and the nets, whether inside or out.

In amateur matches in some parts of the world, artificial pitches are sometimes used. These can be a concrete slab overlaid with a coconut fiber mat or artificial grass. Sometimes the soil is placed on the coconut mat to provide an authentic tone feel. Artificial fields are rare in professional cricket and are only used when playing exhibition matches in regions where cricket is not a common sport.

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