Sports Project Management Consultancy

Sports Project Management Consultancy

With a vision to become the all-encompassing, one-stop shop solution for all sporting infrastructure requirements, Surekha Exports keenly offers its expertise in handling all sports projects. We would like to bring our expertise in handling sports projects – Outdoor and Indoor even if we are not ourselves supplying or doing the supply and installation from one of the sister manufacturers we have tie up with.

Feasibility Studies

A project has to negotiate the taxi way before taking to the air.

Particularly when third party funding is involved, a project must meet many criteria to make it acceptable. An evaluation also needs to be undertaken to assess the many physical features affecting the development of a site.

A scheme may not achieve takeoff because ground conditions have not been properly established or a physical survey may reveal restrictions as to what can be provided. It is better to know sooner rather than later.

Sometimes the Client may not have a realistic appreciation of the cost of his aspirations.

We have the experience to fully assimilate geotechnical and physical data with the client’s ultimate requirements to the fore of considerations.

A free of charge consultation may be offered to a potential client.

Surekha Exports is happy to pass on the benefits of considerable experience and knowledge of similar projects to help a client take the first steps towards achieving his ambitions in sports facility provision.

The Company can carry out a condition assessment of clients’ facilities. On a macro scale, layouts and configurations can be reviewed and long term plans drawn up for development and maintenance. Budget plans can be drawn up for annual and long-term expenditure.

At project feasibility stage, key considerations may include the need for a topographical survey, which can be in-house and also the extent of site investigation required. Potential planning considerations may be identified such as the need for an Ecological Survey, an Acoustic Survey, a Flood Risk Assessment or the involvement of the Environment Agency.

Most importantly, links can be established with banks for funding if required.

Surekha Exports also can assist in usage and revenue generations of the project after it is being made or after school hours etc.


Following the tender process, which always has returns sent initially to the Client, a tender report is drawn up with the tenders analysed and a recommendation made.

Contract Administration

Once the contract is given to a particular company – Our role starts with survey of the field, area for the sports project, Civil Construction (Outdoor – Dynamic Base, with or without sub soil drains, Concrete or Asphalt Base depending on the game, area and rainfall/weather predictions, Sump Creation for all weather surface, Fencing, Lights and any other requirement) and (Indoor – Base – Concrete with or without Seating – Telescopic Bleachers and Lights as per Lux level requirement).

The role usually involves the monitoring of the site progress, the issuing of variations and instructions and valuations and certification as well as the conducting of regular progress meetings.

During the course of the contract, cost outcome forecasts are updated.

The Project Manager acts as a conduit for client/contractor liaison and, in effect, takes the client out of the firing line.

Site Supervision

Independent site supervision, by experienced personnel, is the only way of ensuring that the construction is constructed as per the specification and the required quality standards.

Some of the construction techniques used in Sports Surfaces are unique to the industry and need to be properly appreciated to control construction standards.

Going beyond contractual responsibilities, good site supervision can also help the client get the best from the contractor and help avoid cost or time overruns.

Quality Control

Working methods and materials used must be as specified in order for a project to succeed.

Without quality control it is impossible to be confident that the materials supplied, especially from third parties, are fit for the purpose. Independent testing can provide the means to verify that materials used are those specified. Wherever a product is not up to standard it can be replaced at an early stage.

Actual practice on site can be compared to a previously agreed method statement of working methods. If the contractor does not follow strictly controlled Quality Control methods, the client is unlikely to obtain the anticipated quality of installation.

Completion and Post Completion

Practical Completion is only awarded when the O & M Manual is in place. The client needs to be well acquainted with the maintenance requirements of the facility. All equipment will have been demonstrated and test certificates issued.

There may be a small number of ‘snags’ outstanding at Practical Completion but there won’t be any remaining at the end of the defects liability period when the final retention money is released.


Any Buyer taking our Services for Project Management Consultancy has to pay a fees of 5 to 10% depending on the size of the project but we can guarantee extra 20% life of the project – if we do the Project Management and Consultancy for the project, the products and the contractors are taken from the panel recommended and if the proper Tendering Process is followed.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Surekha Exports also takes Annual Maintenance Contract for the Sports Surface specially Outdoor which is open to Vandalism, Harsh Weather, Floods and a Harsh Summer.

With right maintenance and the right kind of equipment, we guarantee an extra 2 year warranty for the surfaces or turf. The cost would depend if we have to carry equipment or the school is ready to invest in that.