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Surekha Sports, India’s leading artificial grass supplier has been providing high-quality, all-weather durable, and safe artificial grass turfs for sports fields like football ground, stadiums, cricket grounds, volleyball, hockey, golf, badminton, tennis and landscape purposes. Surekha Sports has been installed 500+ remarkable artificial football turf projects all over India.

With over 16 years of experience (Since 2006), we have been focusing on offering great innovative artificial grass products, sports infrastructure development services across

the country. Our strong engineering and project team are always dedicated to providing the best construction and installation services for indoor and outdoor sports grounds and sports flooring.

Our commitments to quality, expertise, and service have made us India’s foremost importers and suppliers of sports and decor products for the last several years. Surekha Sports is renowned in our field, both technologically and aesthetically, and continually researches new ideas and trends in this artificial grass segment.

artificial grass suppliers
artificial grass suppliers

Over 16 years of experience (since 2005)

artificial football turf

Global experts in sports field construction

football ground

FIFA Quality Pro Certified Products

artificial grass suppliers

Renowned for the innovations in Hi-tech artificial football turf

artificial grass suppliers

Still continuing our research and development

International sports performance standards

Our artificial turf surfaces meet the stringent standards of FIFA. The quality, performance, safety attributes and realistic appearance of our synthetic sports turfs are independently tested, approved and certified by FIFA. Our artificial playing surface will perform to your highest expectations over many years of game time.

We represent the European style and standard in the field of sports, interior and exterior fashion. It is expertise which truly sets Surekha Sports, not only the knowledge of products and the ways in which they perform, but also of synthetic grass installation using the best fixing method which has tremendous influence on the lifespan of the products.

Material used

We only deal with the FIFA Quality Pro approved synthetic turf that guarantees Long time durability and quality of the product.

To avoid damage to the turf due to increase in the traffic, we import HIGH DENSITY GRASS to overcome such situations.

Compromising in the Quality of the turf by installing cheaper one’s are prone to play-time injuries.

Artificial Football Turf
Turf Installation Methods


Installation method is chosen only after the site-visit by our professional team, as installation method differ according to the geographical condition of the land.

Surekha Sports use the most advanced machinery to maintain the international standards.

Proper drainage system is installed for the extreme weather conditions.

Use scientific methods for leveling the land as proper machineries are for such purposes.

Surekha Sports prefer the most scientific method in order to avoid playtime injuries, to provide better playing experience and also for the durability of the ground.



At Surekha Sports, we continually strive to support you with excellent customer service. We want to be the bees’ knees in providing you with exactly what you need to choose your ideal artificial grass and install it. We’re extremely confident in each one of our products, hence why we offer our fear free guarantee.

We vow that your artificial turf will look delightful all year, but on the rare occasion that there is a problem with a product we will happily replace it.

Product Qualification

Manufacturing Unit Qualified